About Us

Mortahyor Enterprises is an indigenous company established in 2008.
We render varieties of services ranging from selling of brand names items in fashion, household items, coporate gifts & promotional items. We also render procurement and 
personal shopper services.

-Fashion- We have for all genders & ages. Shoes, bags, sunglasses, wristwatches, handbags, clothes, underwear, belts, wallets, cufflinks and much more.

-Household Items:  this crosses across your entire home.

-Kitchen: We sell kitchenware such as pots & pans, cutleries of various sets, plates & coffee mugs, serving spoons and various 
cooking tools, decorations & accessories.

Living room: wall clock, floor Runner, foot mat, dinning table runner, curtains, throw pillow covers as well as various decorations,
standing & table lamp, throw & much more.

Bedroom: Duvet cover, bedspread & pillowcase, bedside drawers, closet runner, Night light & much more.

Bathroom: toilet seat, Bath towels, floor mat, window blinds, shower curtains, towel rail, soap dispenser, bathroom cabinet and
various bathroom accessories.

Your personal shopper: this we do with a great pleasure. We buy and deliver any item you desire on any website for you.  You pay
the exact price you see it. We however charge a token for our service.

Procurement: we help in acquiring any item from home to office items from anywhere in the world.  This ranges from corporate to
personal items, such as furniture & fittings, office tools and equipment, home & office accessories & decorations. And so much more. 
Just name the item and we'll get it for you.......